Annet Vroom was born in Zwolle in the Netherlands.

After many years of dancing and 4 years of professional ballettraining ( Theaterschool ) in Amsterdam, she left Holland for a dancing career in Paris. When she stopped dancing, she recaptured her movements on stage using simple pencil strokes. Straight to the soul. Capturing kinaesthesia.

Back in the Netherlands, she began folding and cutting paper, moving, manipulating and moulding this simple material. She choreographs with paper.

Most her reliefs are white. Annet chooses non-colour partially to create a serene image full of silence. Look more closely though. See how shadow and light play and dance, freed by the virtual lack of colour.

Another influence on Annet’s works of art is her admiration for architectural maquettes.

See her reliefs push the boundaries of two-dimensional space, as they move toward construction. Implicit in every piece is the relief of resting. Take your time; really have a look. Examine her art from all sides. Discover over and over again the strength of simplicity, the rhythm of repetition, and the placidity of patience.